The Twilight Zone                           Principal             CBS / Gerard McMurray

Christmas on the Vine                    Actor                  Hallmark / Paul Kaufman

Just Add Romance                         Actor                   Hallmark / Terry Ingram

Chalkboard Prison                          Principal             Independent / Andrew De Villiers

Travelers                                         Actor                   NETFLIX / Eric McCormack

X-Files                                             Actor                   FOX / Chris Carter

The Package                                   Actor                   NETFLIX / Jake Szymanski

The Flash                                        Principal              CW / Armen Kavorkian

Lucifer                                             Actor                    CW / Eduardo Sanchez

My Favorite Wedding                      Actor                    Hallmark / Mel Damski
iZombie                                           Actor                    CW / Dan Etheridge

No Tomorrow                                   Actor                    NETFLIX / Anna Mastro

Witches Of East End                       Actor                    FOX / Alan Arkush
Continuum                                       Actor                    SYFY/ David Frazee
Intelligence                                      Actor                    ABC / David Semel
Supernatural                                    Principal              CW / Steve Boyum
Fringe                                              Principal               FOX / Bad Robot /Joe Chappelle
Human Target                                  Principal              FOX / Bonanza Productions/ Kevin Hooks
Reaper                                             Principal              ABC / James Head
Aliens In America                             Recurring            CBS / Luke Greenfield
Kyle XY                                            Principal               ABC / Pat Williams
49th & Main                                      Recurring             CBC / Tom Braidwood / William B. Davis

Romeo – Season Ii                           Principal              NICKELODEON / Adam Weisman
So Weird – Season 2                        Principal              DISNEY / P. Lynch
So Weird – Season 1                        Principal              DISNEY / P. Lynch
Family Law                                        Principal              CBS / Paul Haggis
Nothing Too Good For A Cowboy     Recurring             CBC / Peter Marshall
New York Tempest                            Principal               United Films
X-Files                                               Actor                    FOX / Tucker Gates
Chinatown Today                              Guest Comedian  SHAW TV / Nanci Li
Walking Shadow                               Supporting           A&E / Po-Chih Leong
I Was A Teenage Faust                     Principal              SHOWTIME / Thom Eberhardt
Oh Baby                                            Principal              Saban International / Harvey Frost
Mermaid                                            Principal              SHOWTIME / Peter Masterson
Ratz                                                   Principal              SHOWTIME / Thom Eberhardt

FILM (selected)
Dil Rakh                                      Supporting         Dayjuni Productions / Daljit Brar

Warrior’s Gate                             Principal            EuropaCorp / Matthias Hoene
Darc                                             Actor                 JRN Productions / Nick Powell
Bleeding Edge                             Lead                  Flying Cloud Prod / Leon Lee
Jingle All The Way 2                    Actor                  20th Century Fox / Alex Zamm
Down Here                                   Actor                  Down Here Productions / Teach Grant
Evil Feed                                      Principal            Titlecard Pictures / Kimani Ray Smith
Righteous Cut                              Principal            Independent / Deborah Hu
Scary Movie 4                              Principal            Miramax / David Zucker
Love And Other Dilemmas           Featured           Movie Central / Larry Di Stefano
The Truth About Miranda             Principal            Wheelbarrow Prod / Mark Malone
The Delicate Art Of Parking         Principal             Anagram Pictures / Trent Carlson
The Wild Guys                             Featured            MVP Entertainment / William Gereghty
Impromptu: The Audition             Lead                   Filmatica / James E. Taylor
Santa Clause 2                            Actor                  Walt Disney Pictures / Michael Lembeck
My Boss’s Daughter                    Principal             Dimension Films / David Zucker


I began my acting journey in 1993, when I chose to leave stand-up comedy for something more stable: being an actor (insert laugh track here). In 1994 I did a play at Deep Cove Shaw Theatre, "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" playing the role of Snoopy. After that, I booked my first paid professional on camera acting job on February 2, 1996. It was a Maximizer corporate video produced by Shane Lunny Productions. Since then, I've booked a paid acting job every year since.

My biggest role to date was the character of Mr Koji in "Scary Movie 4", where I got to work with the eminently talented Ana Faris and met the iconic Chloris Leachman, as well as had the honor to be directed by none other than the amazing David Zucker of "Airplane" fame.

I taught my first acting class in the fall of 2006, when Linda Darlow asked me to sub for one of her on camera audition groups. Since I'd already been co leading the Performer's Mastery with her since 2003, we'd worked together long enough for her to trust me with her students. After that, in spring 2007 I was invited to teach at the original Schoolcreative on Cordova St, where I had my own cold read/on camera class on Monday nights. In the fall of 2007, I was then invited to be on staff as one of the teachers in their 6 month full time acting programs, where I taught on camera audition, scene study and improvisation.

When my stint at Schoolcreative ended in 2011, I began in earnest to teach from my home (my wife Bonnie and I bought our house in 2009, and I've had classes there since January 2010). I continue to teach on camera audition and offer a cold reading on camera audition group at my home, and I run the business of the Performer's Mastery. I also co teach the 2 Day Commercial Audition Workshop with Linda Darlow, which we offer 4 times a year.

Throughout all that, I've booked actor and principal roles on the various TV shows and movies and feature films shot locally in Vancouver. And in the 25 years I've been doing this, I plan to keep on trucking. My career has taken many turns and has undergone many incarnations, but through it all I'm still here.

And I plan to be at it for at least another 25 years or more.

Holistic Heart-Centered Teaching and Coaching

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